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How to prepare your website for a date with Google

by Admin

Article by Axandra
SEO software

If you want to get high rankings on Google, you have to impress Google's ranking algorithm. When Google's web crawler visits your web pages, it's like having a date with Google. Here's how to make sure that this date doesn't go wrong.

SEO Speaker Darrin Cates Talks Mobile

by Admin

29 Jun

SEO Speaker Darrin Cates adds new keynote program on what businesses and organizations need to know about marketing in the current mobile age

SEO Speaker Darrin Cates is happy to announce he is now offering a new program focused on helping businesses and organizations understand the importance of mobile search. The new program is titled The Mysteries of Mobile: The 5 Things You Need to Know About Marketing in the Current Mobile Age.

Link scheming vs. link building: how to decide where to get links

by Admin

Article by Axandra
SEO software

The more of your competitors believe that link building is dead, the better for your own company. The truth is that links are still the most important factor for Google's ranking algorithm. However, the type of link that points to your website makes a huge difference.

Advertizing Company Reveals Trade Secrets & Exposes SEO Methods

by Admin

22 Jun

MMilas Marketing Inc launches Serp Focus, an online resource exposing their ranking methodologies and trade secrets. No SEO company has disclosed this information before. Serp Focus is about search engine optimization and teaches the methods, resources and procedures used to run the company.

Educated Patients Explains the Science of Audiology Search Engine Optimization

by Admin

18 Jun

Educated Patients explains the science behind audiology search engine optimization in a recently released webinar.

Educated Patients, in a recently released webinar, reveals the inside secrets to local search engine optimization for audiology and hearing aid practices, detailing the science behind attracting more patients and increasing online visibility.

In the webinar, titled Maximizing Your Practice’s Online Visibility with Local SEO, Educated Patients maps out which search ranking factors are important, which are not, and how to avoid the most common SEO errors. The webinar reveals how search engines rank pages, and what type of website content the search engines and patients are looking for.

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