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Google: you might get unstable results with m-dot domains (

on 17 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Google's John Mueller said on YouTube that there you might get unstable rankings if you use an m-dot domain for your mobile web pages (for example Although Google won't drop support for m-dot domains, John Mueller recommends to use other ways to present your mobile pages.

COO of Stresses Importance of Thorough SEO Audits

on 10 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related, a domain registration, SSL service, and SEO hosting provider, is reminding clients that they should carry out regular audits of their search engine optimization.

A full SEO audit involves a comprehensive examination of every facet of SEO. This includes an analysis of technical, on-page, off-page, competitive standing, and keyword research. It also accounts for audience identity — a website’s primary demographic and ideal visitor.

“Many business and website owners take stock of their market, keywords, and audience when they first establish an online presence,” said Terry Cane, COO at “However, what many of them fail to realize is that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. The results of that initial audit, valuable though they are, will not be relevant forever.”

Boulder SEO Marketing to Offer Social Media Marketing Training in Denver and Online via Livestream

on 03 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Among top-rated social media marketing training courses, the popular half-day workshop will be held in Denver, Colorado and made available via Livestream to anyone around the globe.

Boulder SEO Marketing, a provider of digital marketing training and consulting services, today announced that its social media marketing classes are now also available to attend online via Livestream. The workshops will still be hosted in-person at the company’s training facilities in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. At the same time, anyone wanting to attend an upcoming workshop in real-time may now participate in the popular classes via Livestream from the convenience of their home, office, or a coffee shop. Learn more and register now for upcoming social media marketing classes.

Back to the basics: how SEO helps you to get more customers

on 28 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: Site Promotion  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a major impact on the success of your business. If you do it right, you will get many more customers and increase sales. This article will help you to get results.

On average, more than half of all website traffic comes from organic search results. People enter something in a search engine, and then they visit one of the web pages that are listed on the search results page.

  • The better your web pages are listed on the search results pages, the more visitors will come to your website.
  • If your listings are for the right keywords, your business will get more orders and more revenue.

Experience Advertising, Inc. Maintains #1 Ranking for Best Affiliate Marketing Company for Excellence in Affiliate Program Management and Affiliate/Publisher Recruiting

on 23 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Experience Advertising, Inc. has been named the top affiliate marketing company for August 2019 on's list of the best affiliate marketing companies in the affiliate marketing industry. Experience Advertising, Inc. has been the #1 ranked affiliate marketing company for the past 9+ years consecutively, since 2010, according to

Experience Advertising, Inc., founded by esteemed e-commerce expert Evan Weber, has been refining their ability to recruit new affiliates and increase production with current affiliates and referral partners, for the past 12+ years. Prior to launching Experience Advertising, Mr. Weber was the Director of Marketing for a successful B-to-C healthcare industry start-up,, where he orchestrated all of the company’s Internet marketing growth, affiliate program growth, and revenue generation.

Top New York Software Development Agencies of 2019, According to New Report

on 12 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

SDCR - Top Software Development Companies determined the best custom software developers in New York who can create software solutions for businesses of all sizes., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software development companies, researched the best New York-based software developers from around the world.

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

on 01 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  

Written by Skadi Gidionsen - Opus Design

Your website looks decent, you have gotten used to all its little imperfections, limitations and can work around things that are not perfect. There are no real reasons to upgrade your website, to invest considerable time and budget. It’s good enough – but is it?

For most companies and institutions, the website is the first impression their audience has of them. Sometimes, it is in fact the only chance you have to interest someone in your product. If you provide information, and it is difficult to find it or outdated, your visitors will likely leave and go to a competitor. So “setting and forgetting” is not a practice beneficial to your business.

Google: how to migrate your website correctly to a new URL structure

on 24 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Sometimes, you have to change the URL of your existing pages. For example, URLs might change from HTTP to HTTPS. It can also be that your domain name changes from to, or that your new content management system (CMS) uses a new URL structure ( of

The Top Advantages Of Custom Software Development, According To Report From SDCR - Top Software Development Companies

on 17 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

Readymade software solutions are tempting to growing businesses. But determined the top advantages that custom software offers and the leading developers who can help.

Off-the-shelf software can seem affordable and often tempts businesses looking for digital solutions to help them grow.

But a new report from -- a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers -- uncovered the leading advantages that custom software can provide.

ASEOHosting Advises Marketers How Smart Word Choices Will Help Drive Traffic

on 09 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

ASEOHosting, a provider of SEO-focused hosting services, has released an advisory that emphasizes why writing clarity is an important key to helping marketers successfully serve their brands.

“When writing copy, whether for a website or an advertising spot, keyword choice is not the only thing that matters,” says Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting. “It’s imperative that brands understand how their audience speaks and thinks, and how they will perceive a particular word or phrase. As one might expect, different demographics tend to have different perspectives of the world, and those perspectives color their interpretation.”