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Online Marketing and Advertising Guru, Richard Uzelac of Uzelac Consulting, Announces 125% Consulting Revenue Growth in 2019

on 05 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing Inc. and RealtyTech Inc. started offering personal marketing consulting to Corporations and Small Businesses in 2017. Since 2017, revenue growth has more than doubled each year. Uzelac Consulting offers current marketing/advertising analysis, competition analysis, targeted marketing/advertising programs, project timelines and deliverables, interfacing with Client’s team, and timely follow-ups and reviews with each client on a quarterly basis.

“We have a true passion for online marketing. Working with companies as online marketing consultants is incredibly engaging and satisfying, said Richard Uzelac, President of Uzelac Consulting. Just as we do at my company, GoMarketing Inc, Uzelac Consulting is very invested in the results of the work that we do for our clients. The only difference is at GoMarketing Inc. not only do we come up with the plan but we execute the plan and do the actual hands-on design, content creation, development and SEO work to reach the goals of our clients. At Uzelac Consulting we come up with the marketing plan and the execution plan and then work with the Client’s in-house marketing staff to see the plan and goals come to fruition,” Richard Uzelac added.

Gray Element Announces Complimentary Website Analysis for New Customers Just in Time for The Holidays to Help Businesses Grow their Presence for Online Shoppers

on 02 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

Los Angeles interactive web solutions company Gray Element offers full-service custom interactive web solutions to small and large businesses looking to grow their online business and audience. From website design and interactive marketing to traffic-building, Gray Element helps its clients create a fully customizable plan to take their business to the next level.

For new and established businesses looking to create a fully customizable interactive web marketing plan for their brand, Gray Element is a one-stop-shop. From website design and online marketing tactics to traffic-building, Gray Element has been helping small and large businesses better tell their stories online for more than a decade. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Gray Element is headed by Founder and CEO