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The Top Advantages Of Custom Software Development, According To Report From SDCR - Top Software Development Companies

on 17 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

Readymade software solutions are tempting to growing businesses. But determined the top advantages that custom software offers and the leading developers who can help.

Off-the-shelf software can seem affordable and often tempts businesses looking for digital solutions to help them grow.

But a new report from -- a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers -- uncovered the leading advantages that custom software can provide.

ASEOHosting Advises Marketers How Smart Word Choices Will Help Drive Traffic

on 09 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

ASEOHosting, a provider of SEO-focused hosting services, has released an advisory that emphasizes why writing clarity is an important key to helping marketers successfully serve their brands.

“When writing copy, whether for a website or an advertising spot, keyword choice is not the only thing that matters,” says Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting. “It’s imperative that brands understand how their audience speaks and thinks, and how they will perceive a particular word or phrase. As one might expect, different demographics tend to have different perspectives of the world, and those perspectives color their interpretation.”

Best San Francisco SEO Agency Awards Given for June 2019 by 10 Best SEO

on 02 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Site Promotion  

It is a longstanding challenge for companies to find the best SEO agency to update their sites or add in SEO during the development of a site. This process is now a lot easier due to a new monthly awards category that has been implemented using qualitative and quantitative data that were collected by the 10 Best SEO.

10 Best SEO is honoured to present the winners of its Best San Francisco SEO Agency awards for June 2019, selecting Victorious SEO as the leader in this category.

Small business owners and individuals or entrepreneurs often want to work with local web design and marketing service. This allows them to get a more personalized approach to their site designs and ads. Small companies also have to work with small marketing budgets, and being able to go over the details in person helps with prioritizing and making the biggest possible impact. In order to facilitate online marketing through SEO, the 10 Best SEO has set up an awards category for the best SEO agency.

Affiliate Program Growth Experts Experience Advertising, Inc. Have Been Ranked the #1 Affiliate Marketing Company

on 28 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

Experience Advertising, Inc. has been named the top affiliate marketing company for June 2019 on's list of the best affiliate marketing companies in the affiliate marketing industry. Experience Advertising, Inc. has been the #1 ranked affiliate marketing company for the past 9 years consecutively, since 2010, according to

Bellingham, WA Digital Marketing Agency Releases First eBook

on 19 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Intellitonic releases“Digital Marketing Essentials” ebook. The 22-page guide aims to teach basic theory and best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), link-building, pay per click advertising, blogging, social media management and more.

Today, Intellitonic, a growing digital marketing agency located north of Seattle, released its first full-length eBook, “Digital Marketing Essentials.” The 22-page guide aims to teach basic theory and best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), link-building, pay per click advertising, blogging, social media management and more. Businesses and individuals alike can gain the necessary knowledge to implement these strategies on their own. The free eBook download can be obtained here:

Official: Google, SEO, and JavaScript

on 17 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

In a video for beginners, Google's Martin Splitt talked about JavaScript and SEO. Here are the main facts from that video.

Rio SEO to Host An ‘Ask The SEO Experts’ Webinar Featuring Content Strategists

on 10 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Presented by Rio SEO strategists and content specialist Miranda Miller, the webinar will offer enterprise brand marketers and agencies the opportunity to pick the brains of SEO experts across a range of search disciplines

Given the opportunity to ask any question to an SEO expert on how to improve a company’s online performance and address its search challenges, what would it be? Maybe it’s “which search optimization techniques are most beneficial for multi-location businesses” or “where to focus marketing efforts to receive the greatest impact” or “how should businesses measure success in local?”

GoMarketing Specializes in Marketing and Lead Generation for the Home Services Industry

on 03 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

GoMarketing Inc. Offers Industry Leading Internet Marketing and Advertising Programs to Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales for HVAC, Plumbing, and all other Home Services Companies nationwide.

“We have worked with many home services companies and our results are second to none for our Clients,” said Richard Uzelac, CEO of

“We approach online marketing for, say, an HVAC company with a multi-pronged strategy. We usually need to design and build a new website for new Client. Their current websites are usually quite old, not mobile friendly, or they can’t accept the new software needed for success. While building the site we incorporate proper SEO optimization for search engine placement to build more traffic and generate more calls and leads. Once the site is launched, we constantly add more content and blog posts to capture more and more Google, Bing and Yahoo traffic of people searching for HVAC services,” Richard Uzelac added.

SharedMall Lays the Groundwork for Community Alternatives to Google and Amazon

on 27 May  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

SharedMall launches the online infrastructure for community-owned search and shopping alternatives to Google and Amazon, paving the path for a future where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer required and Amazon's growth is no longer a threat to small businesses and local economies.

Google, Amazon, and online technology trends, in general, are making it increasingly difficult for small, local, and independent businesses to compete in an online playing field where the bigger and established businesses are favored, and the needs of small businesses and their communities are sidelined.

Going Boldly 2019 Inspirational Leadership Conference to be Held in Mesa, Arizona

on 22 May  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

Rachelle Haviland Young and Jill Barras, founders of Boldly Together, announce the 2nd Annual "Going Boldly 2019 Inspirational Leadership Conference" will be held in Vito's in Mesa, AZ on June 22, 2019. Tickets are limited. Register today:

Anyone looking for an opportunity to be inspired and connect with awesome people can register to attend ‘Going Boldly’ on June 22, 2019. This years Going Boldly Inspirational Leadership Conference will be in the cellar at Vito's Italian Ristorante in Mesa, Arizona. The event is from 12 PM - 6 PM and will include inspirational speakers, lunch, networking, and a happy hour. Full details on the event can be found on the website at

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