SEOHost.Net Principal: Google's Recent Data Reporting Bug Demonstrates the Inherent Fragility of SEO

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30 Aug
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Terry Cane, Chief Operating Officer of, considers the implications of a recent bug with Google Ads and Analytics.

Terry Cane, Chief Operating Officer of, considers the implications of a recent bug with Google Ads and Analytics.

Terry Cane, COO of global SSL service domain registration and SEO hosting provider, has commented on a bug that occurred in Google Ads and Google Analytics last month.

As reported by The Search Engine Journal, Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin confirmed the existence of a data reporting bug that caused reports to display either incorrect data or no data. The bug, which first surfaced on July 15, persisted until July 20. The cause has not yet been revealed.

"For five days, multiple critical Google services were missing a critical feature," says Cane. "To say that this was disruptive for marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals would be putting it lightly. And to me, the fact that it occurred in tandem with another bug that prevented the indexing of new content serves as a sobering reminder."

The indexing issue, reports Search Engine Journal, was solved within hours of being identified.

"Google has become such a lynchpin in modern marketing that it's easy to forget that it's still a company," Cane continues. "That the mistakes and decisions it makes can easily render our SEO efforts either meaningless or obsolete. It's incredibly fortunate that issues such as this are relatively rare, but at the same time, one cannot help but question if we're putting too much power into the hands of a single organization."

Cane emphasizes, however, that she is not attempting to foster suspicion about the search engine giant. Rather, she views this incident as a reminder that not even pillars of the Internet are perfect. In the long-term, she believes that Google does have the best interests of its users at heart.

"For a company like Google, neutrality and fairness are foundational to success," concludes Cane. "A highly-biased or unfair search engine is functionally useless. It's therefore in Google's best interests to ensure that its algorithms are applied as even-handedly as possible—and to address any bugs and errors as quickly as it can."

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