SQL database corruption due to index fragmentation

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03 Dec
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by Jonny

by Jonny

When it comes to the performance of raw databases, the biggest performance gaining mechanism could be the use of indexes. Database indexes improve access to your stored data, so you do not have to scan whole tables for accessing your data.

Indexing saves a lot of CPU, memory and I/O usage. Though, it is useful for databases to use indexes, over time the indexes could become fragmented. It makes the SQL server performance lower than usual, delayed transactions, locking, blocking and decreased throughput.

The degree of index fragmentation totally depends upon the table fragmentation that could be the result of page splits. A page split generally occurs when you apply insert or update statements, acquiescing data from one page, which exceeds the entire capacity of the page.

An overflow to the destination page is essential for supporting data storage. If the page split takes place, the SQL Server leaves the first half of data on the source page and splits the rest of the data on another page.

Index fragmentation is of two types- Internal and External. Internal fragmentation takes place when index pages have too much free space. Generally some free space is required, when the indexes are created or edited. If the pages are too fragmented, the queries will take a longer time to be executed.

On the other hand, external fragmentation occurs when the logical arrangement of the indexes doesn't match the physical arrangement. It causes the server to do extra work for returning ordered results.

Nevertheless based on the cause and type of index fragmentation, the ultimate result would be lower SQL Server performance. It can finally lead to the corruption of the MDF file and thus, will make the entire database inaccessible.

All these situations will lead to a nightmare of data loss. It can not be accepted at any cost. And thus you need to perform SQL recovery. SQL recovery can be carried out with the help of third party tools, known as MDF repair software.

MDF recovery software are made available by a number of data recovery companies and allow you to have quick and easy SQL repair in all possible cases of MDF corruption. But to ensure complete MDF repair, it's essential to select the best MDF recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software is the best ever made and award winning SQL recovery software. This robust MDF repair software can recover all of the MDF objects including tables, reports, forms, macros, constraints and so on.

It works well with SQL Server 2000 and 2005. To know more about this product, you are recommended to download and use the free demo version. This demo version of MDF recovery software is obtainable from Stellar's website.

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Jonny a student of Mass Communication doing research on data recovery software. He is also a freelancer for http://www.stellarinfo.com

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