Equally AI Announces Official Launch of Flowy--The World's First No-Code Accessibility Solution

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24 Nov
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Flowy redefines the ease for any website owner to provide an accessible experience online for all.

Flowy redefines the ease for any website owner to provide an accessible experience online for all.

Today, Equally AI is proud to announce the launch of Flowy, the world's first no-code solution for web accessibility. This revolutionary platform is set to redefine the landscape of web accessibility. According to tech innovators at the company, Flowy is not just another platform; it represents a shift in the entire online approach to web accessibility.

"Imagine a platform so intuitive that it integrates the entire accessibility process—from identifying issues to implementing fixes and ongoing monitoring—and can be integrated with any website or CMS like Wordpress, Wix, Webflow or Shopify, all in just two minutes of installation," said Ran Ronen, CEO and Co-Founder, Equally AI. "This is the essence of Flowy. Designed for user-friendliness, the platform is for businesses of all sizes and levels of technical skill, bringing together your team and the tools you love."

For website owners, the real magic they get with Flowy is the control aspect. Unlike existing solutions, every recommendation generated is assisted by ChatGPT and awaits a website owner's review and approval. This means website owners are in the pilot's seat, ensuring that no changes go live without their approval.

Flowy's unified platform offers an end-to-end solution that streamlines the entire accessibility process. It provides real-time collaboration among team members, ensuring that the organization's website remains compliant.

"Gone are the days of endless spreadsheets and checking, rechecking all the time. With Flowy, your team can collaborate in real-time, directly on the screen. This not only accelerates the process but streamlines your workflow and focuses on what truly matters," said Omer Shamay, CTO of Equally AI.

Accessible websites offer businesses a range of benefits, from ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, to more users and customers accessing the site, to improved website SEO and brand trust and credibility. Until now, the technical process of ensuring a website operates as accessible has been a difficult goal for many website owners to achieve due to challenges to manage end to end accessibility compliance. The market is expected to grow with the introduction of new regulations and Flowy is here to provide the ultimate solution starting at $10 a month.

As Equally AI unveils Flowy, the company will extend an exclusive invitation for new users to be among the first to experience its transformative power with a personalized demo. In order to receive an invite, those interested can apply to be on the waitlist here or email -email- to join Google, Microsoft, TikTok, and thousands more companies who have already enrolled for early user access.

The future of web accessibility compliance is here, and it starts with Flowy. Together, Equally AI aims to make accessibility easier for everyone.

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