Place1SEO Rebrands to Provide a New and Versatile Software Suite for the FES Industry

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05 Jan
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Place1SEO, a leading provider in the Foodservice Equipment and Supply (FES) industry, recently announced the strategic rebrand of its existing company from Place1SEO to Beedash. Beedash's industry-encompassing product database coupled with its online management platform allows current and future FES dealers to manage comprehensive product information optimized for online listing. This announcement comes at a time when the foodservice industry has experienced dynamic shifts and increased pressures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the importance of available resources and reliable technology. Releases Backlink Checker for Understanding Competitor Backlinks

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28 May
 None    Software releases free backlink checker tool for use by companies that want a free way to analyze internal or competitor inbound backlinks., a leading provider of SEO agency services to companies worldwide, is pleased to announce the release of a new backlink checker tool, allowing companies to analyze their own and their competitors' backlinks for free from a simple online user interface.

"Using a free backlink checker allows users to get the information they need about quality and toxic links that may have been pointed to a website," says Samuel Edwards, CMO of "It's one of many tools that are absolutely critical to understanding why your competitors may be outranking your website."

The Ultimate Micromarketing Tool: Turning Text into Video

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01 May
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Increasingly, marketers seek ways to raise both message impact and target specificity. TheVideoBot CMO Maury Rogow sees AI-driven personalized video, now available as a subscription service, as the best currently available combination of ease of use and cost-effective audience connection.

The latest marketing tool, personalized video messaging or video bots designed to combine email-list target specificity with the impact of video, is taking marketing to whole new levels. Maury Rogow, CMO of TheVideoBot, notes that video bots offer a highly cost-effective way to connect with a wide range of specific target audiences. “It’s like a personalized email,” says Rogow, “only much, much more effective. Where a text message tends to be somewhat inert, video engages immediately. It’s micromarketing at its most efficient form.”

Climb Marketing Launches Free Suite of Browser-BasSEO Toolsed

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28 Jan
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Climb Marketing is offering a free suite of browser-based SEO tools to help digital marketing professionals with keyword research and metadata creation.

Digital marketing agency Climb Marketing has launched a free suite of browser-based tools to help Search Engine Optimization professionals improve efficiencies and adhere to industry best practices.

The tool suite is designed to help SEO and SEM professionals with keyword research, metadata optimization, and previewing search results. The individual tools include a keyword mixer for brainstorming search queries, a SERP preview tool to envision what a web page will look like in search results, and bulk testing tools for metadata to ensure the text adheres to the pixel length limits defined by search engines.

To The Moon+ Release a New SEO Alt Text App for Shopify

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25 Nov
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To The Moon+ Alt Text App for Shopify just released and provides effective automated SEO optimization for online stores.

Once again To The Moon+ is helping online store owners improve their online presence and helping customers find products quicker.

When search engines are providing recommendations, they are not always able to distinguish an image. Store owners need to add alt text in order to give value to an image and in turn increase visibility to a product page.

Top New York Software Development Agencies of 2019, According to New Report

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12 Aug
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SDCR - Top Software Development Companies determined the best custom software developers in New York who can create software solutions for businesses of all sizes., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software development companies, researched the best New York-based software developers from around the world.

The Top Advantages Of Custom Software Development, According To Report From SDCR - Top Software Development Companies

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17 Jul
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Readymade software solutions are tempting to growing businesses. But determined the top advantages that custom software offers and the leading developers who can help.

Off-the-shelf software can seem affordable and often tempts businesses looking for digital solutions to help them grow.

But a new report from -- a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers -- uncovered the leading advantages that custom software can provide.

The Search Monitor’s LiveSERP Tool Is Now Online

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03 Dec

Users can now preview live SERPS side by side with The Search Monitor’s newly available web-based LiveSERP tool

The Search Monitor’s LiveSERP tool is now web-based. LiveSERP makes it possible for users to run live web searches, from multiple cities, countries, engines, and platforms (mobile or desktop) on the fly. It’s the ultimate SERP preview tool for SEM and SEO. LiveSERP is free for The Search Monitor’s clients to use.

WebiMax Announces Release of Updated

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07 Aug

The world-leading digital marketing firm, WebiMax, released a complete refresh of their website analyzer tool on This proprietary, application was originally developed exclusively by WebiMax's internal development division and has since made some crucial changes to stay in line with Google and their updates in 2018.

The newly updated tool is user-friendly and will allow any user to instantly discover all of the main issues that are both right and wrong on their website. As a leading SEO company, WebiMax wants the user to gain a long-term understanding of the factors that impact their search rankings and overall online visibility.

Link-Assistant.Com Enhances Rank Tracker with the Keyword Archiving Option

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23 Jul
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With the new Keyword Sandbox module, Rank Tracker provides a place for convenient storage of all keyword ideas found through different in-built keyword research methods for future analysis and filtering.

Link-Assistant.Com, the full SEO cycle software suite, has released today the update for its Keyword Research in Rank Tracker. Keyword research, being a long-running task, gets much more efficient with a possibility to come back to the previously found keywords for a more in-depth analysis. The new module also allows users to have their keywords grouped automatically according to different levels of semantic similarity as well as rearrange keyword groups to their own liking. The update is available to all Rank Tracker users (this includes Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions).

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