The Ultimate Micromarketing Tool: Turning Text into Video

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01 May
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Increasingly, marketers seek ways to raise both message impact and target specificity.

Increasingly, marketers seek ways to raise both message impact and target specificity. TheVideoBot CMO Maury Rogow sees AI-driven personalized video, now available as a subscription service, as the best currently available combination of ease of use and cost-effective audience connection.

The latest marketing tool, personalized video messaging or video bots designed to combine email-list target specificity with the impact of video, is taking marketing to whole new levels. Maury Rogow, CMO of TheVideoBot, notes that video bots offer a highly cost-effective way to connect with a wide range of specific target audiences. “It’s like a personalized email,” says Rogow, “only much, much more effective. Where a text message tends to be somewhat inert, video engages immediately. It’s micromarketing at its most efficient form.”

The core of a video bot, Rogow explains, is a tailored video message delivered by a specific person. To respond to an incoming contact from a prospect already in the seller’s database. An artificial intelligence function sorts among the possibilities (prospect’s demographics, job function, area of specialization, etc.), selects the human face that will appear in the video and positions the messaging to set up the next contact level: order placement, a scheduled appointment, a website demo page, or whatever it might be. The marvel lies in that the platform personalizes content in the same way for each recipient on the merchant’s prospect email list—whether it’s 20 people or 20,000.

In addition to a low cost of entry, says Rogow, the video solution generates a minimal amount of labor overhead for marketing employees. “You can make one in 20 seconds,” he says. “Just add text, customer logo, name, and you’re done.” Working off of set templates, he explains, a video bot gives a personalized message to the client to click and get more information, go to a landing page, engage that business’ services, explains the business’ message, sets the brand’s standards, and more. And by specifically and individually targeting a customer on a personal level, he adds, it will also build loyalty and generate more returns.

Rogow goes on to explain that using video bots enhances every step of the customer’s journey. By connecting with the customer one-on-one, you maximize your top of funnel marketing. Once the customer has engaged, then you can use even more personalized messages to further the customer’s experience. Additionally, given how inexpensive it is coupled with an increase in returns and conversion rates, your increase in ROI is almost immediate, Rogow adds.

Personalized video marketing, says Rogow, is especially effective in fields like technology, SaaS, healthcare, biological science, the education e-learning space, and other disciplines requiring the ability to talk about complicated things in an easy and visual way.

“The big challenge in fields like that,” Rogow says, “is to convey what you know you need to get across in a way that connects with your audience, within, usually, a fairly limited marketing budget. We’ve developed this capability because video bots—video plus AI-tailored messaging, plus personalization—are the best tool for marketers to do exactly that.”

Rogow, who is also CEO of Hollywood’s Rip Media Group, notes that TheVideoBot, after several years of development and testing, is now commercially available as of April 28. The initial configuration, which is drawing strong interest from agencies, marketers, SEO website builders, and online strategists, is priced at less than $20 per month or less than $200 per year. “Other outfits will require you to invest upward of $30,000 in equipment and software. Others will charge from $5,000 to $15,000 to develop a single video. The power should and needs to be in the marketer’s hands. We’re not selling technology,” says Rogow, “we’re selling a marketing solution.”

About Maury Rogow
Maury Rogow is the Chief Marketing Officer of TheVideoBot. As the CEO of Rip Media Group, a trailblazing video marketing company based in Los Angeles, California, Rogow brings a unique combination of storytelling art and ROI strategy to the field of animation and live action video. Maury is a member of the Producers Guild of America, with several feature films to his credit. His unique background in film production led to an epiphany in the intrinsic value of storytelling in marketing, no matter how technical the subject. This led to his work in personalized video production and the launching of The VideoBot. For more information, visit and

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