Inside the Mind of the Searcher Part II: Search Behavior Explored

by Admin

25 Jun
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by Gord Hotchkiss

I've have to say I've been amazed by the response we've had to our first forays into researching the behavior patterns of internet searchers. Since we released them in March and April, almost 3000 marketers have downloaded our two white papers. They've been quoted in dozens of forums and blogs. Articles have been written in almost every major search engine marketing portal. And it seems that our message is getting through to more people.

Search marketers have to step back from our obsession with tactics and look at the bigger strategic picture. We have to understand behaviors of our target customers. We have to fully explore the nature of their online experience. We have to understand the potential of this marketing channel fully. If we don't, how can we hope to pass along value to our clients?

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