SEO Partner Targets Melbourne For Geo-Specific Search Engine Optimization

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18 Nov
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Search engine optimization expert James Schramko announces expansion plans for his business, SEO Partner, targeting local business in major cities worldwide. 

Sydney, Australia November 18, 2011 -- The bustling city of Melbourne, made up of nearly 4.1 million inhabitants, also known as the cultural capital of the Australia, is the country’s fastest growing city according to experts. Statistics show that in the year leading up to June 2010, the population grew by around 79,000 or roughly 1500 per week. While the city faces infrastructural strains due to overcrowding, for business owners in the area, the population explosion means only one thing: more business. Sydney-based business genius James Schramko recently announced plans to expand his search engine optimization business to some of the world’s major cities, including Melbourne.

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