Google Speculation

by Admin

25 Jun
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by Rob Sullivan

We live in interesting times. The World Wide Web is growing so fast, and has embedded itself so much into our lives that we may wonder how we got along without it.

After all, the multi-billion dollar industry that employs me and everyone in my company didn't exist a mere 10 years ago. Search Engine Marketing was merely a glimmer in someone's eye. The thought that you could manipulate a website in such a way that it could move up in the search engine rankings and get you traffic was a novel idea, but one that was still in its infancy.

Today outlets like Google and Yahoo! are more than just search engines, they are entertainment portals. We go there for our email, to chat with friends, to get the latest news and more. There are even videos and online games available on some of these services.

Which leads me to my Google speculation of the day.

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