Different Platforms, Different Ads

by Admin

17 Jun
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by Gord Hotchkiss

There’s lit­tle argu­ment that mobile’s time has come. Accord­ing to Google, mobile searches make up any­where from 5 to 12% of the total query vol­ume for many pop­u­lar key­words. And for many cat­e­gories (i.e. searches for local busi­nesses) the per­cent­age is much higher. That offi­cially qual­i­fies as “some­thing to con­sider” in most mar­ket­ing strate­gies. But for many mar­keters, the addi­tion of mobile is a sim­ple check box addi­tion in plan­ning your search cam­paign. In Google’s quest to make life sim­ple for mar­keters, we’re miss­ing some fun­da­men­tal aspects of mar­ket­ing to mobile prospects. Okay, we’re miss­ing one fun­da­men­tal aspect – it’s dif­fer­ent. Really different.

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