Clients Who 'Get' Search Engine Marketing

by Admin

30 Sept
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by Brenda Wright

I like working in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I like the constant struggle to stay caught up in this ever-changing industry. I like the bright and informative people I work with. But perhaps most of all, I like the clients I work with - especially when they 'get' what SEM can do for their business.

The nature of Search Engine Marketing and internet business is such that most of Enquiro's clients are not within driving distance of our office. Not exactly a hardship in this day of cell phones, e-mails, voice-messaging, online messaging, and so on. I have solid, well established, and excellent working relationships with many people, most of whom I have never seen.

But there are few clients who are close enough to be able to meet with in person. The most recent reminder of this was a visit from a client whose business is within driving distance of our office.

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