What You're Not Doing With Your RSS Feed

by Admin

04 Sept
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RSS feeds have yet to hit the mainstream, but they are beginning to appear on prominent web sites including CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, and even Google. While many sites are now publishing their own RSS feed, they fail to pursue the important step of promoting it.

RSS feeds have been growing steadily in popularity throughout the year. They have begun appearing on almost every news related source, and now even corporate web pages. While more businesses begin to cater to the opportunity of creating an RSS feed, many do not fully understand their exact usage. It is as if publishing an RSS feed will magically create traffic and pull constant visitors to their site. Maybe they believe the web search engine robots will pull and distribute the feeds. However, the truth is that most major search engines today do not yet incorporate RSS feeds into their main search engine results. They may completely skip over the RSS feed link when spidering a site. However, there is a world available that these new RSS users are not yet aware of. It is the world of RSS search engines.

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