Ask Jeeves Introduces Zoom and Web Answers

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27 May
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New Products Help Searchers Find More Relevant Search Results Faster

OAKLAND, Calif., May 26, 2005 -- Ask Jeeves, Inc. (ASKJ) today introduced two new search products on Ask Jeeves(R) (, which increase relevance and guide users to find the information they need faster: "Zoom," a next-generation related-search tool that gives users suggestions to narrow or expand their searches; and "Web Answers," which provides direct answers harvested in real time from the billions of Web pages in the Ask Jeeves index.

"Today's launches significantly advance the cause of some of our most popular search features," said Jim Lanzone, senior vice president of search properties. "Zoom and Web Answers are not bells and whistles; they are important innovations on some of our core search technologies, which will help our users find what they need faster than with other search engines."

Zoom and Web Answers are immediately available on Ask Jeeves.

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