B2B Keyword research when you’re in a niche Market/Industry

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16 Jan
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by Jody Nimetz

One of the difficulties in online marketing deals with finding the right keywords, at the right time that are being used by the right people. In the B2B arena, keyword research becomes further complicated when your company is in a new or niche industry. Maybe your business consists of something like email authentication, price management solutions or the like. Newer services in newer industries can make it difficult to progress with an effective online marketing campaign. In the past ten years, with the rise of the Internet and Search Engines, we have seen numerous companies emerge in niche markets. Quite offten these companies are looking to address a need for a product or service for another buisiness that is not currently being met. There has been tremendous amounts of innovation with some of these startups while others have come and gone with but a small flicker. As a result, finding the right keywords for B2B companies in niche markets can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

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