MSN search using RSS

by Admin

23 Jan
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by Rob Sullivan

In the "That's cool but what's the use" category, a new entry from MSN.

In order to perform this experiment there are a few prerequisites; A news aggregator or a browser that supports reading feeds, or some other way of reading an XML or RSS feed. I use Firefox with Sage.

I will demonstrate how to do this using Firefox with Sage merely because I am most comfortable with it.

So, once you have Firefox and Sage installed, open Sage, and then what you need to do is go to MSN and perform a search. When you see the results, click on the feed discovery button in Sage (it's the magnifying glass). Within a few seconds you will see that you can get the same search results page served in XML. Highlight the feed and add it. Now if you go into Sage, and click on the feed you will see the exact same results as would be displayed on MSN search.

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