The Meeting of Mind and Marketing: 11 Books to Read

by Admin

20 Oct
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by Gord Hotchkiss

It’s official! With this column I break David Berkowitz’s Search Insider column count record, with 225. And to commemorate the occasion, I wanted to follow up on a request that came in response to my column 2 weeks ago. In that, I had warned any would be students of human nature that this wasn’t a quest to be taken lightly. A couple readers responded by asking for a recommended reading list. So this week, I went through my bookshelf at home and jotted down a list of titles that I found particularly insightful or interesting in understanding the human condition. Today, I offer them as suggestions for some fall or winter reading. I came up with 22 titles, so I’ve broken them into two groups. This week, all the titles are specifically for those who want to explore the intersection between marketing and the way our minds work.

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