Perl of wisdom, Perl of laughter

by Admin

08 Jul
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by Jesse Somer

You are a web-developing super-programmer who’s going to change the world. You know all about Perl, I mean it’s the most general purpose programming language around, and probably the most widely used for small ‘glue’ applications between other applications. It’s been described as the ‘duct tape’ of the Internet…Well it pretty much created the Internet that we know today. I decided to look into this super-language a bit deeper to see what I could find out about the people who created it. Boy was I unprepared! Have you ever see a computer language that has so many weird and strange affiliations? Haiku contests, ‘Keepers of the Pumpkin’, "manipulexity", "whipuptitude", ‘TMTOWTDI’ (pronounced TIM-toady), hubris, camels, "Swiss Army chain-saw"…Stepping into the world of Perl was taking a dive into some quirky humanity, some strange creation, a humorous extension of ingeniousness.

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