SES NY 2006

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07 Mar
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by Rob Sullivan

I was at SES in New York last year and I was amazed at how many people it drew. This year I was unable to attend but have been keeping up with the sessions on various blogs and industry news sites, but it sounds like it was bigger than ever.

One thing that struck me is how the focus seems to be finally shifting from techniques and tactics to a more rounded approach where the user actually plays a part.

Imagine that? The search user is actually beginning to impact how we perform search engine marketing.

Corporate Blogging For Quality Relationships

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07 Mar
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by Joseph Pratt

The struggle for customer share is as intense as ever, and companies need to shore up their corporate message in anyway they can. Corporate weblogs, or 'blogs', are a great, cost-effective way to engage customers, fellow professionals, or merely the curious. This opportunity to reach thousands of interested people requires no hefty advertising budget, yet can significantly strengthen your client-customer relationship. Taking dialogue online means added and valuable interaction with your customers.

A corporate blog can be used in any number of ways, from an informational hub to an online diary for a sales rep. They tend to be no less varied than personal blogs are. They deliver on-point messages to anyone who reads it. Since blog entries often have a personal touch, they tend to reach readers in ways a company homepage can't. This is where creative and well written blogs can really count; quality keeps people coming back. A blog isn't a venue for the hard sale but instead a resource where resource where readers can stay informed or sign up for newsletters and emailings.

Cyber Gear Launches

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07 Mar
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A Global DIY e-Marketing Portal

NEW YORK, NY -- Cyber Gear, has launched an innovative web portal that allows organizations to create their own HTML campaigns and distribute it to their own prospects and clients database.

Sharad Agarwal, CEO of Cyber Gear stated, " is a web based 'Do It Yourself' marketing tool that will help small and medium sized companies run their own marketing campaigns online. It is cost-effective and easy to use. Since it is a vital productivity tool, we are confident that organizations across the world will find it a valuable resource to manage their promotion campaigns and mailing lists."

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