Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

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10 Aug
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by Gord Hotchkiss

At the end of this week, thousands of search marketers will begin their pilgrimage to the west, to the mecca of search that is San Jose. It's time for what has emerged as the premier search gathering, the west coast version of Search Engine Strategies. This show always marks a bit of an annual milestone for me.

It was two years ago that I became a regular columnist for the Search Insider, and I also try to shoe horn the sessions I present into our annual family camping vacation, precariously balancing on the cusp of the many professional and social demands that surround SES San Jose and keeping a wife and two daughters from throwing my laptop down the nearest camp toilet. I usually drive in from the campground in Santa Cruz, sun burnt, smelling of wood smoke and carrying my 'good' clothes, borrow a hotel room and shower from one of my colleagues who chose to forego the 'back the nature' route in favor of room service, and try to make myself presentable. For the most part, it was successful.

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