PPC Click Fraud

by Admin

23 Feb
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by Brenda Wright

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from our Sales Department with a link to the latest internet article spelling out the appallingly high rate of PPC click fraud on the internet. The article used the often quoted "50% of clicks are fraud" and painted a truly dismal picture. The e-mail came with a request to write an article to let our readers know what they can do to combat this well-reported problem.

A day after that, I received an urgent e-mail from one of our new PPC clients. The client was most concerned after looking at recent Overture click activity. They felt they might be the victims of click fraud. We checked it out thoroughly, and they weren't. Our return e-mail gave us an opportunity to let the customer know how glad we were that they are tracking PPC - and an opportunity to share some useful PPC click-fraud information.

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