Some Adwords Basics for Beginners

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15 Apr
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by Joseph Pratt

Google's Adwords is still the yardstick by which other search advertising platforms measure themselves. This isn't merely an industry observation, but a respectful sentiment that I share now, having learned the ins and outs of Adwords first hand. At I use this experience to give clients advice that saves them money.

No two advertising campaigns are alike, so naturally each one requires its own strategy. But there are general suggestions that a first time Adwords user should heed. What I have are a few tips aimed at saving the new advertiser money. Just because I learned a few of them the hard way doesn't mean you should have to: caution and patience are key virtues for an Adwords novice. Incidentally, since Google announced new localized features for Adwords, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of new users in upcoming months.

New acquisition - Can we expect a shift in Google's ranking algorithm?

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15 Apr
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Google has recently acquired an advanced text search algorithm that has been invented by University of New South Wales PhD student Ori Allon.

Although the acquisition has not been confirmed yet, Google has confirmed that Ori Allon is now employed at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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