If I Had $4 Billion - Part 2

by Admin

20 Sept
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by Gord Hotchkiss

If you were Google, you had access to $4 billion in cash, and you were taking on Microsoft on their home turf, what would you do?

That was the question I posed to you two weeks ago. Thanks to the many who replied. After sorting through the self-serving e-mails from various CEO's suggesting that Google should buy their companies, there were some very interesting strategies put forth. Let's see if they're listening in Mountain View.

First of all, many of you zeroed in on the operating system as the core of Google's strategy. Jim Barkow offers up GoOSe..the Google OS: "At the core to their (Google's) search platform is a very quick file system that was first developed when they couldn't find one in the market (Linux, MS, etc.) that was fast enough. Interesting that after a long promise, Microsoft supposedly abandoned their plans to 'upgrade' their file system for Longhorn and Vista."

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