Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan Returns to Atlanta January 10-11 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Midtown

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Battle Plan Graduates have given us raving testimonials about profit increases and market share increases through technology-enabled sales and marketing tips they picked up from the powerful team of experts Ziegler has assembled here. As always, Dealer Principals attend at no charge.

In today's fiercely competitive retail environment, every dealership must be operating at maximum efficiency. Every profit center must be synergistically integrated with every other department in the dealership while, at the same time, producing their maximum profitability. The only choices - Grow or Die.

Jim Ziegler and speakers will demonstrate numerous techniques, word tracts, strategies and real life examples of dealerships that are dominating the competitors with technology-enabled marketing and Internet techniques and programs. This is hands-on 'real-world' stuff, not theory - happening in the real-world, in real dealerships, with real customers.

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