New Study Reveals Importance of Using Keywords in Domain URLs

by Admin

14 Mar

Research by SEO firm HigherVisibility finds that the use of keywords in domain URLs varies from industry to industry

New research by HigherVisibility LLC, a Memphis, TN-based SEO firm, provides an answer to the old SEO question of exactly how much (if at all) it helps to have keywords in your domain URL. The study, “ How Valuable Is It to Have a Keyword in Your Domain URL?”, found that URL keyword optimization does seem to make a difference of some sort -- but an interesting takeaway is that some industries are much more likely than others to use keyword-referencing domain URLs.

“With this study, we took a look at the top page result across ten major verticals to find out how many use keywords in their domain URLs,” said Scott Langdon, Managing Partner of HigherVisibility. “What we found was that overall, 63% of the top search results included keywords. But that varied widely between industries -- from 47% in the email software space to 76% in websites dealing with debt.”

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