The Value of Outsourcing B2B PPC

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27 Mar
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by Kyle Grant

Recently I have read a blog posting about the five secrets PPC agencies don't want you to know. The majority of the blog centered on dissatisfaction from business-to-business (B2B) marketers with PPC agencies. For the most part I agree with the arguments made in the blog posting for the majority of PPC vendors, mainly those who don't 'get it.' The core Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has never been about bidding on keywords and optimizing quality scores, true SEM stems from an in depth understanding of the target customer and the purchase decision process.

15 Google spam filters and how to avoid them - Part 5

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27 Mar
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Google tries to keep its search results as clean as possible. For that reason, they have a variety of spam filters in their ranking algorithm that try to remove low quality web sites.

If your web site gets caught by one of these filters, it will be very difficult to get high Google rankings. In this article series, we're taking a look at the 15 most common Google spam filters and how you can get around them.

Duplicate content, false use of the robots.txt file and Google bowling can be the reason if your web site rankings on Google dropped. This article will help you to find a solution.

Tips to Profit from Your Podcast

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27 Mar
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by S. Housley

Podcasts started out as fun ways for ambitious garage DJs, independent musicians and talk show hosts, who had not ventured into radio broadcasting as a way to show their stuff and make a name for themselves. What started as a hobby for many, has turned into a lucrative profession for some. Not surprisingly, podcasters, just like radio stations, have looked for ways to profit from their on-air dialogue.

ResellersPanel Launches Version 2.0 of Its Control Panel

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27 Mar
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ResellersPanel, the free web hosting reseller program, announces that the new version of its Resellers Control Panel, simply named Resellers Panel v2, has been built, tested and launched. Some of the upgrades include better client management tools, a new Invoice Manager section, an improved statistics section with more details and an easier to work with main navigation menu with modified titles and descriptions of the different sections. Resellers Panel v2 now offers technical support through a new trouble ticket system, where the resellers can request help by opening a ticket or themselves provide direct support to their existing hosting customers.

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