Scand Announces Version 1.5 of its Ajax-based Tree Control dhtmlxTree

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11 Apr
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Scand LLC is pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxTree v1.5. This JavaScript/DHTML tree control provides cutting edge functionality to create feature rich, interactive and high-performing hierarchical trees for Ajax-based web applications. This new release introduces smoother initial rendering, more flexible event system, quick search functionality and significant performance improvement.

Minsk, Belarus, April 10, 2007 Scand LLC, provider of DHTML-based Ajax-enabled UI components, has released a new version of its JavaScript tree view control dhtmlxTree. Besides some feature enhancements, version 1.5 brings greater flexibility and performance advantages to web treeviews.

Till this release dhtmlxTree already had the advanced functionality required for creation of intuitive and full featured navigational trees, including cross-browser compatibility, drag-n-drop, in-place node editing, various progressive techniques for handling of really big trees and ready-to-use solution for server-side integration. Now the tree provides smoother initial rendering, 'lock tree' functionality and enables simple drag-n-drop of any HTML element into the tree.

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