Search Engine Placement using Google Image Search

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30 Mar
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by Michael Rock

In case you didn't know it, or didn't care Google has an image search located on the tab just to the right of its web search where you can search the internet for images based upon the text you type into the search box. This article will explain how to optimize your web site to use this to your advantage.

When you do a Google Image search you will get a page of results that show the images according to your search query. Along with the images you will get a description of file size, image size, and file type. Google also shows some text that is near the image on the web page where the image was found and the web site address of the image.

Video and the Online Paradigm

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30 Mar
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by Gord Hotchkiss

Online interactions are generally ruled by the left brain, the logical side of our intellect. We interact in what is primarily a text based presentation. We read, rather than feel. We assimilate words, rather than absorb sights and sounds. Any moves to bring the emotions of the right brain to the web have been feeble at best. Generally, we interact with most websites the same way we did in 1996. We read text, we click on links, we glance at the occasional graphic. For the most part, our right brain is idling.

Next week's OMMA show in Hollywood will looking forward to the day when our emotions will rule how we interact online (among other things). It marks an oncoming convergence that is far more important than the combining of digital media and the Internet. What will be explored and debated in the meeting rooms of the Hilton Universal City is a medium that engages both the right brain and left brain, in equal measure, at the same time.

How to get links from .gov sites with high PageRank

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30 Mar
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Web site promotion software tools

There's a new trick that some webmasters use to get high rankings on Google. Just like the trick we mentioned in a previous issue of our newsletter, this new technique exploits security holes of other web sites.

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