Netmark Unveils New SEO Tools to Quantify Google's Algorithm and Demystify SEO

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09 Nov
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Most Internet Marketing Companies Rely Solely on Third-party Research to Identify Best Practices -- Recent Research Developments at Indicate a Unique Blend of Science and Strategy to Provide the Best Results for Clients

Idaho Falls, ID - November 09, 2012 -- Typically, internet marketing agencies don’t perform their own industry research. Undoubtedly, most provide “micro-research” analytics and performance statistics to their clients. Conversely, they are often crippled by their absolute reliance on the “macro-research” of third-parties for industry best practices. is changing the status quo for industry research. Their new office, the Netplex, is a cross between a scientific laboratory and a strategic war room. In addition to being highly engaged in marketing services they are passionate about research and development. Their people are tacticians in lab coats.

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