Flash CMS Intros - A new invention by TemplateMonster

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12 Dec
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Submitted by Helen9

Brooklyn, New York, December, 2008 - TemplateMonster.com, the Internet's largest templates provider, launches a new product line called Flash CMS Intros which are in a way similar to the version of Flash Intros previously available at TemplateMonster, but with an admin panel added. Besides that, the design approach has also been slightly modified.

The Flash Intros are generally used as introductional movies or clips that are displayed before the actual website is accessed. Their main goal is to visually impress the visitor before he actually sees the alternative website contents (e.g. text, static images etc). Previously the Flash Intros were plain Flash files that could only be edited with specialized Flash software, or required hiring Flash experts who could customize the Intro for the end user. According to the company's information, the new version of Flash Intros is meant to solve the customization problem for the end user who can now do it all on his own without having any kind of special software.

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