The Fifth Stepping Stone on the Path to a Purchase

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13 Sept
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by Karl Hourigan

The Fifth Step: Per­suade

We con­ducted a lot of research into the B2B buy­ing process, and this research was pre­sented in The Buy­er­Sphere Project book. One of the ideas explored in the book is the need for IQ and EQ in the buy­ing process. IQ refers to infor­ma­tion; it’s the data, prod­uct specs, hard facts. EQ is the emo­tional side of the equa­tion. You’ve no doubt heard the cliché that peo­ple buy from peo­ple, and it’s true. At var­i­ous points in the busi­ness pur­chase process, we need emo­tional sup­port to know that we are mak­ing the right deci­sion for our­selves and our company.

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