Using audio file formats on your website

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06 Aug
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by Terry Detty

Adding music or video streams to your website is a definite plus for revenue generation. Audio-video streams serve two purposes. Primarily, audio and video streaming is used for entertainment. A more practical use of audio-video streaming is for revenue generation by using this technology to promote and demonstrate your products.

Normally, professional website designers are leery of adding multi-media streams to a website. However, the spread of high-speed internet connection throughout the world has finally removed the barrier for the use of multi-media streams. In this article, let us deal exclusively with audio streams. Audio files have different formats. The most popular among these audio formats are the MP3 and MIDI sound format. The question is, "What exactly is a MIDI and an MP3 and what are the differences?" Below is a collection of sound file formats together with their descriptions to help you decide which one to use in your website.

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