Desktop search heats up

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09 Aug
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by Rob Sullivan

With the recent acquisition by Microsoft of an integrated Outlook search tool (Lookout) we saw Microsoft's first move into the desktop search space.

Sure they have been talking about it for over a year, as part of the eagerly anticipated next generation OS Longhorn, but this is the first product we have seen that will have the Microsoft logo.

Further, company spokespeople have said that they will have an integrated desktop search application out by the end of the year.

Earlier this year, Google also made the same promise, but we have yet to see anything from the search giant.

Why visitors don't convert into sales - part 3

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09 Aug
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Web site promotion software tools

Last week, we explained that it's important that people trust your company. However, even if your web site is trustworthy, web surfers still might not purchase something on your web site.

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