New SEO Friendly Search Engine Captures Niche Market

by Admin

02 Jun
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Search Engine SEOENG(R) and other small tech startups break new ground in Search - carving out the visionary niche markets of the future, while Search Giants enhance their current industry-dominating Search solutions by increasing Search 'intelligence'.

Bradenton, FL June, 2009 - A new storm is brewing in Search 2009, and Search Engine SEOENG(R) is rapidly gaining traction in a highly saturated industry with its unique SEO Friendly Search Engine. This technology startup has developed a Search Engine with a transparent and navigable interface where users can, for the first time, see precisely how a Search Engine analyzes and ranks a Website. SEOENG(R) is taking Search in a new direction, by opening its arms to the very industry that Search Giants have fought so hard to keep at arm's length. A new market for Search, directed at Website Owners, Web Designers, and SEO Experts is proving to be a prosperous and exciting venture for this tech company.

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