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13 Jun
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by Rob Sullivan

Last week I wrote about the different market shares that the main engines have, and how maybe many online marketers put too much emphasis on Google and should focus on others.

Today I'm going to go even deeper and say that perhaps focusing on 3 or 4 engines may not be a complete strategy for you.

Sure they account for almost 75% of the traffic, but that means you could be losing 25% of your traffic by ignoring the other engines and directories out there.

It is true that there are many popular meta search engines out there that have the potential to drive significant traffic to your site, and that they get their results from the main 3 or 4 engines, but you may not realize how popular they can be. In fact, there are 4 engines in the top 10 that you may not have heard of, or have dismissed altogether: My web search, My search, Dogpile, and AOL.

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