Leaders in Alternative Search

by Admin

20 Jul
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by Joseph Pratt

There is a search engine based in Pasadena, California called Snap.com with a stated desire to become 'The other way to Search'. All it takes is a click and a search or two to see how Snap.com is a true alternative to the norms of search advertising. I recently asked some employees at ICMediaDirect.com to check out Snap as an example of a company that not only thinks 'outside the box, but operates there, too.

We'd do well to steer clear of any insurance group billing itself as a revolutionary and unprecedented kind of policy-provider. Indeed, risk management calls for avoiding risk while seeking measured solutions. This is in stark contrast to the Internet, which is still developing as a platform and needs creativity and innovation as much as we need oxygen. So when a giant like Bill Gross, founder of Snap.com, aims to build search alternatives, I take special notice.

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