Google AdWords - Through the Eyes of a Hacker

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16 Feb
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by Brenda Wright

Recently one of my co-workers passed me a print article he had come across. It was written by a hacker (apparently one of the good kind) and his experiences with Google AdWords.

At first glance I assumed that someone had found a way to 'hack' into Google ads, however it turned out to be an exploration of the hacker's legitimate experience with AdWords. While reading it was not the frightening experience I was expecting, his story did help me to see the Google PPC AdWord process from a different perspective.

Having worked with Google ads and Search Engine Marketing for several years, there are a number of AdWords shortcomings that I have come to anticipate and deal with. Of greater interest to me was the hacker's approach to mounting a PPC campaign. He did try to find the right keywords, which is an important early step, but he may have forgotten who his target audience is - or he may have been so eager for additional readership of his blog that he was ready to try anything. It is hard to imagine his target - hackers like himself, who tend to see themselves as outside the mainstream - clicking on a Google ad.

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