AnooX(TM) Search Engine Passes 13 Million Web Sites Crawled

by Admin

27 Oct
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- 10/26/2004 -- AnooX the search engine that promises to revolutionize the Search industry, by delivering far more accurate search results and much higher value to advertisers -- than Yahoo or Google, announces that it has passed the 13 Million Web site crawled marker.

How important is this milestone? Very.

Considering that, which is a (Key) source of search information to Google & Yahoo, has at its current operational level about 5 Million Web sites crawled. Hence AnooX at its current crawled level has crawled more Web sites than Google & Yahoo and we are still continuing with our crawling and expect to be at 25 Million web sites crawled by the time we go live. What this means is that AnooX database of information for generating search results will be very deep and complete compared to existing search engines.

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