Keyword Search Rankings presents evidence of discrepancy in search engine algorithms at SEO Conference 2012

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09 Oct
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On September 22, Keyword Search Rankings were delighted to attend and present at the SEO Conference, in Russia. During the KeySR presentation evidence was produced of an unexpected feature in the algorithms Google is using for building Local SERPs; an Internet user searching for a local product or service may receive results from a different country or continent containing a city of the same name.

United Kingdom - October 09, 2012 -- The 3rd annual SEO Conference 2012 took place in September; it boasted the presence of notable organizations such as Google, Yandex and, amongst many others. The highlight of the conference was the development of Russian and international SEO space; it is a hugely popular and beneficial event attended by over 400 individuals, with approximately 5,000 online spectators.

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