Leading Web Marketing Firm Strengthens Relationship with Wrinkle Treatment Maker

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02 Aug
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Etna Interactive, an international Web marketing firm, is expanding its relationship with BioForm Medical, a medical device manufacturer and maker of the popular wrinkle treatment RADIESSE®. BioForm has now been acquired by Merz Pharma Group as a subsidiary called Merz Aesthetics.

San Luis Obispo, California August 1, 2010 -- Etna Interactive (http://www.etnainteractive.com), a Web marketing firm specializing in the medical sector, continues to expand its relationship with BioForm Medical, which has been acquired and renamed Merz Aesthetics by Merz Pharma Group ("Merz"), a privately-held company based in Frankfurt, Germany. BioForm Medical's popular dermal filler RADIESSE® has made the company a market leader in the United States and Europe, and the new parent company hopes to capture even more of the dermal filler market. Following the acquisition, Merz Aesthetics has chosen to continue working with Etna Interactive for their Web marketing.

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