SEO Industry Lacks Clear Understanding of What Is Effective After Recent Search Engine Algorithm Updates

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23 Oct
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All New Signal Pigeon by Chris Munch Offers SEO Knowledge

Effective Search Engine Optimization techniques are constantly sought after by professional SEO businesses as Google and other search engines update their algorithms. Signal Pigeon by Chris Munch is a new product that aims to eliminate post-panda confusion in the SEO industry by identifying 6 Ranking Signals in a 30 minute video masterclass

Atlanta, GA - October 23, 2012 -- Prior to the infamous Google Panda update, SEO professionals around the world thought they had it all figured out. At one time ranking websites for any given keyword was not difficult, rather a simple game of who could get the most back links to their website. As the web continues to grow search engine algorithms are becoming more and more complex. The Google Panda update has become well known for targeting web-spam. This has helped many businesses websites rank better, but has also hurt a large number of websites. 

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