Consumers, Legislators, ISP's and Hosting Providers Wage War On Spam

by Admin

15 Mar
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Nobody likes it. It's a wonder anybody still does it. It's what makes some people so leery of ever embracing email and it's what has lead to so many others opening up secondary, 'junk' email accounts. As such, it's also the bane of ISPs and hosting providers everywhere. As of the writing of this article, spam has constituted almost 50% of the content of people's email inboxes and internet users, ISPs, and hosting providers have just about had enough.

By 2007 it is expected that, if no further action is taken against spammers, it will make up closer to 70% of the content of our inboxes. With arrests made, fines paid, and (in some cases) jail time pending, you'd think incidents of spam would finally be on the decline, but we have no such luck.

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