Search Engine Marketing and the K.I.S.S Theory

by Admin

11 Sept
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by Jody Nimetz

So I'm watching the program, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, last week and in the episode, Gene is trying to help his son Nick come up with a name for his band and he's like "... how about Engine... as in Search Engine?" I totally cracked up. Even Gene Simmons is on board with Search. Hmm, what a concept, Gene Simmons and search... I really shouldn't be surprised as there is actually a connection between Gene Simmons, Kiss and marketing. Love them or hate them, the band Kiss has been a successful marketing machine since the mid-seventies. These guys have marketed everything from Kiss toys and comic books to Kiss coffins and more recently even a Kiss coffee house. Gene Simmons is really quite a savvy businessman. He knows how to sell and market himself and his band. So what does Gene Simmons have to do with search engine marketing? Well maybe not much but it did remind me of the K.I.S.S. acronym. (That is "Keep It Simple Stupid").

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