Best practices for securing your backup data

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16 Aug
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by BOSaNOVA, Inc.

Encryption is readily available for new applications in e-commerce, telecommunications and finance. With security breaches commonplace, the need for encryption has become so necessary that various agencies have seen a need to step in and impose regulations. Why is it even necessary to encrypt backup data? The reason is security. Data stored in clear-text is open to attack by everyone.

IT organizations are beginning to realize that the reach and effect of these security laws impacts their procedures and processes. There is currently no specific set of guidelines for compliance within the IT industry. One area of compliance that remains high-risk is that of data storage encryption. For the most part, data transported to off-site storage is not secured and tracked, leaving tapes defenseless against theft, alteration or unauthorized viewing. Encryption appliances for backup tapes are the only way to ensure data at rest is safe.

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