Website Marketing - Which comes first - The Content or the Design?

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11 Dec
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by Cathy Goodwin

Recently I've received several emails with questions like these: "I'm revising my web site. The web designer wants my copy next week. I'm still figuring out my niche." Or, "I can't talk about content because I don't have a web designer."

When I read these comments, I remember the very first time I needed a web site. I too began by searching for a web designer. He created a design that looked very professional. But when I finally created (and re-created) my content, the design didn't communicate my message.

Here's what I didn't know. Your web site is a direct response marketing tool. It's not a brochure or even the kind of ad you'd find gracing the distinguished pages of the New Yorker magazine. So before you hire a designer, you need to work through these 5 steps.

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