7 steps for creating a landing page that sells

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14 May
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by Michael Fleischner

If you practice Internet marketing, you know the importance of a high converting 'Landing Page'. Also called a promotional page, jump page, or squeeze page, effective development of these pages are essential for online marketing success.

After a web browser clicks on a search engine generated link (organic or paid), they are directed to a website or jump page. Depending on your promotional tactics, you may be using pay-per-click marketing to generate sign-ups, inquiries, or sales. Regardless of the specific purpose of your page, one fact remains the same, you want a browser to take some type of action.

In the steps that follow, I will share some landing page best practices that have been provided to increase conversion rates and have those browsers taking the action you're hoping for. Keep the following concepts in mind when designing your jump-page:

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