How Secure is YOUR Web Site?

by Admin

17 Aug
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by Robin Nobles

A few days ago, an incident happened to me that has prompted the writing of this article. I'm sure that if this is an issue for me and one of my Web sites, it's an issue for many others.

With my personal Web site, I use a nationally known Internet Host provider to host it. They've hosted my site for years, and I can't really complain about their services (except that you can rarely find a real 'person' to talk to).

However, a few days ago, I wanted to give a good friend of mine, Dave Barry, access to FTP into my Web site to download a particular file. Rather than using an FTP program, he used IE (Internet Explorer) to FTP into the site. The strange thing is, before I even gave him my username and password, Dave was inside the server where my site is hosted!

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