Wall Street for Free: Online Publishing Pains

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06 May
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by Rick Tobin

This week, the Wall Street Journal has done something quite revolutionary. As one of the most popular newspapers in the US, with a worldwide average daily circulation of over 2.6 million, it is second to only USA Today in domestic readership. In fact, since its inception in 1889, the newspaper has never missed a print and has won the coveted Pulitzer Prize 29 times. In the business community, its acumen and austerity are only rivaled by that of the London Financial Times. Traditionally, the Wall Street Journal has come to personify the three-piece seersucker suit of modern capitalism, not really the revolutionary press that was Pravda. So that being the case, what has the Wall Street Journal done that is so revolutionary this week, the online version, the largest paid subscription news site on the Web with upwards of 720,000 paid subscribers, is FREE.

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