All Roads Lead Online: Convergence and the Future of Advertising

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18 Nov
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by Gord Hotchkiss

The single biggest effect of the online revolution will be to remove the existing degrees of separation between us and virtually anything in the world. What ever we wish will be put in finger tip's distance. Every scrap of information, every shred of data will be a mouseclick (and a few dollars) away.

This will have profound and cataclysmic effects on almost every existing industry, and none more so than the advertising industry. As media converge online, the distinctions between various forms of advertising will disappear. Branding and direct, electronic and print, it will all become part of one seamless marketing continuum online.

We will become a consumer market of instant demand and fulfillment, where online acts as the connection between our needs and the merchants ability to meet them. The process will become transparent, requiring no effort on our part. The act of 'shopping' will be, if we choose, reduced to a quick online review and confirmation. Our wired digital assistant will take care of all the arduous work of finding, comparing and evaluating.

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